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About Six Sons Farm


We're Dale Gasser and Judy Fossen. Married to each other—and to the land of Dale's 4th-generation family farm in the hills of rural Sauk City, Wisconsin.

With a full-time off-farm career in water conservation, Dale has burned the candle at both ends for decades. Now, retirement is on the horizon. And we're both thrilled he'll be able to spend more time where his heart is—on the farm.

I work in marketing as a self-employed copywriter, am an avid gardener, and run our small farm foods business Six Sons Farm. Pickled vegetables, canned sauces, wild jellies, cookies and handmade kitchen textiles are my specialties.

We met later in life, in 2013, but it was clear from the beginning that we make a great team. Six Sons Farm—three his, three hers, all ours. 

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