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Pickles, Jelly, Jam, Sauces, Cookies, Handmade Bowl Cozies

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Six Sons Farm produces pickled vegetables, sauces, wild berry and floral jellies, and cookies from scratch—all crafted in small batches. Microwavable handmade bowl cozies, too, to help protect your hands from hot and frozen foods!

Visit Spring Green's Farmers Market to purchase our products below. We sometimes sell out, so please pre-order by Noon Fridays if you definitely want an item. We accept in-person payment of cash, credit cards, and Venmo. 


Cookies and bowl cozies may also be purchased by appointment at our farm. We ship bowl cozies now, too! Email Judy for details.

All wild berries, wildflowers and most of the vegetables we can are homegrown or foraged on our own land. NO pesticides or synthetic fertilizers applied.

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